Consulting Zone Corporate Services offers a wide range of services and products to incorporate a Legal Entity in Cyprus and its day to day management and administration. By having a Company in Cyprus, the Owner / Shareholder, has Tax Benefits.

Consulting Zone work together with Associates Professionals such as Accountants, Tax Experts, Lawyers in Cyprus, Greece and abroad in order to provide you professional advice to help you to receive the best decision for your Business.

Consulting Zone’s priority is to protect its client’s benefits and offers the following services:

  • Registration of the Company

  • Appointment of the Company Directors and Secretary

  • Provision of Register office

  • Corporate Administration Services

  • Assisting in Banking Activities

A Cyprus Company is ideal for:

  • Imports and Services in E.E.C .

  • Exports and Services outside E.E.C.

  • Property Management

  • Internet Transactions

  • Holding and Investment Companies

  • Stock Exchange Transactions

  • Company Services


The main provisions of corporate taxation are:

  • Uniform corporate tax rate of 12.5%, the lowest tax rate in the EU;

  • No tax on dividends or interest payments to non-residents, as well as residents not Domiciled in Cyprus;

  • No withholding taxes on royalty payments relating to the use of rights outside Cyprus;

  • Favourable treatment of tax losses;

  • No tax on profits from permanent establishment outside Cyprus, subject to certain terms and conditions;

  • No tax on capital gains from disposal of securities listed on a recognised Stock Exchange Market;

  • No tax on profits from reorganisations;

  • Tax free repatriation of profits and capital.


                      VAT REGISTRATION

VAT Rate 19%

Every individual  or legal person, is liable to register to the VAT:

  • has exceeded the amount of €15.600 or is expected to exceed (within the next 30 days) the registration limit of € 15,600 under agreement.

There is no limit on the amount of registration for the provision of services to persons belonging to another Member State which is registered for VAT purposes.

Banking Services

Consulting Zone offers the following services:

  • Administration and Monitoring of Bank Accounts in Cyprus

  • Appointment of Bank Signatories

  • Assisting in Banking Activities

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