The main objective of the HR Compliance Audit Services is to provide an independent assessment of a Company’s HRM System Compliance, with Legal Requirements surrounding the people processes and practices.

Benefits of HR Compliance Audit

  • Verifies the Compliance of people policies and processes with relevant Legal Regulations

  • Assists in rectifying risks and problematic areas by carrying out a gap analysis of people processes vis a vis employment practices and Legal Obligations

  • Minimizes the risk of lawsuits that would have otherwise led to financial cost and Company disrepute

  • Assists the Company to reform its people management model and enhance the effective utilization of its human resources

Are you sure you are complying with the latest Legislation?

Failure to comply with the Law can cause problems in your Company despite the best intentions of hard-working HR Management.

The main purpose is to operate without any problem. Therefore, it is advisable to take all the necessary measures to avoid possible mistakes in order to avoid Legal Actions and/or penalties and/or other expenses.

Tailored Support

Consulting Zone tailors its services so that to suit your Company and provides Specialized Seminars which will keep your Managers and Employees up- to-date on the latest Regulatory and Legal Amendments.

 How can Consulting Zone assist your Business …

Your workforce is integral to the success of your Company and many would argue that they are your greatest asset. Ιt is important treating Employees fairly in order to enhance your Business reputation, economic success and your attractiveness to potential employees.

Consulting Zone’s team by using their extensive experience provides reliable support in order to be sure that your HR Department is complying with the latest Legislation.

Your Company can benefit from the mentioned services, due to the fact that you receive tailored and effective support. Our approach to HR Compliance Audit does not conclude to just a report highlighting your risk areas and their likely consequences but we formulate a thorough action plan which will lead to the optimum Compliance.

Consulting Zone’s services include but are not limited to:

  • Managers Guidance and Advice

  • Project Management

  • Evaluation and Development of Policies and Procedures

  • Evaluation, Methods, Strategy, Best Practices

  • Compliance with Regulations and Law

  • Employee Manuals and Handouts Legally Compliant

  • Employee Data Protection

  • Employer’s Insolvency and Employees Rights

  • Training and Awareness

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