Group Coaching

Coaching in groups is an educational procedure, “route” that has been designed basically in order to develop in your Business a strong coaching culture in the field of Management and Leadership Organizations .

This method is both experiential and theoretical, highly interactive and exploits the existing knowledge by using constantly developing learning techniques.

Participants come across basic values of group coaching and apply them instantly, resulting to discovering and gaining substantial knowledge of the actual value and momentum of coaching for organizations and businesses.

Group coaching develops and empowers the participants’ skills and simultaneously explores in depth their personal change process.

Possible choices at these seminars consist of exploring the possibility of self-leading, self-mastery, authenticity, totalitarian systems transformation, implementation within companies, based on the needs of each organization and aiming to provide participants with:

  • Professional development

  • Strategic planning and decision-making abilities

  • Improvement of goal-setting and achieving ability

  • Ability of inspiring and motivating teams

  • Stable and secure communication within teams

  • Improvement of Employee Relations

  • Training on the basis of selection of topics

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