Executive Coaching

Consulting Zone provides Coaching to executives / entrepreneurs, providing guidance to valuable management tools to successfully manage current and future tasks and goals.

Executive Coaching (One to One) focuses on communication and on personal development techniques process.

Executive coaching is provided through personal sessions and is based on mutual trust and respect, in order to achieve the best result for the person and the Οrganization/Company.

The Executive Coach, will help the executives comprehend and empower their role as far as it concerns achieving the organization’s success, while discovering how their own personal characteristics can influence personal and professional procedures, their ability to achieve goals and bring the desirable results.

Consulting Zone provides the Coaching Executives Service on topics such as:

  • Company Culture  and improvement of Industrial Relations

  • Effective Management and increase productivity

  • Change procedures harmonised with Legislation and Environmental acceptance

  • Compliance with Labour Legislation, such as sexual harassment

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