Corporate Culture (or business, or organizational culture) is a system of common values, principles, assumptions, concepts, meanings that make up a common frame of reference that determines how people behave

 Corporate Culture serves two key functions in the organization:

1.Raise members (employees) to know their relationship with other members.

Internal integration means that members develop a collective identity and know how to cooperate effectively. Culture is the one that governs everyday working relationships and determines how individuals communicate within the organization, what behavior is acceptable or unacceptable, and how power and authority are shared.

  2. Help the organization adapt to the external environment.

External integration concerns the way the organization achieves goals and deals with third parties. Culture helps and guide, the day-to-day, actions of employees in order to achieve certain goals. It can help the organization respond quickly to the needs of the client or to the movements of a competitor.

Culture plays a key role in moving a business from the middle to truly exceptional performance. Business culture also guides workers' decision-making when there are no written rules or policies. It is a set of guiding beliefs, perceptions, and ways of thinking of an organization that embraces its members. Corporate Culture is the mirror of a business, since it determines the decisions and attitudes of individuals and groups in everyday practice that represent the business and, by extension, the expectations of the business.

How can the Consulting Zone team help your business to create and adopt Corporate Culture?

Consulting Zone can advise and direct the management, so that together, built and create the culture that its business needs and a way of thinking and perception to achieve the goals of the business.

Our role is to tailor the needs that already exist, to evaluate them, formulate and implement specific ideas and values in conjunction with the management's vision, philosophy and business strategy. The purpose is to create a successful Corporate Culture and transfer it to your employees, through defined procedures, written policies, that all harmonized with the requirements of the legislation and, of course, through specialized seminars and management coaching.

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